Battle of the Brands

So over Christmas received the Too Faced Natural Matte pallet as a gift. As I was swatching it I thought to myself, this reminds me a lot of the e.l.f mad for matte pallet. They are similar but not as similar as I thought they would be.  Too Faced has 9 shadows and e.l.f has 10.

Costs. Too Faced $36, e.l.f $10

The packaging. If you are familiar with Too Faced it has there typical aluminum packaging. It has a super cute fun design . E.l.f is sleek and black and is plastic. I would say Too Faced won here.



Too Faced is first then e.l.fIMG_3529.JPG


I have used both these on my eyes. The e.l.f one is a little chalky. Too Faced is a little powdery but nothing you can not tap off. They both have great pigmentation. I have a picture of them next to each other. You can create some pretty similar looks. IMG_3531.JPG

Time for some dupes. Every one likes dupes right? These are not exact!! But they are close.

Left: 6th e.l.f. Right: Sexpresso from Too FacedIMG_3535.JPG

Left: 5th e.l.f. Right” Strapless Too Faced


Left: 8th e.l.f Right: Risque Too Faced


Final Opinion

I think e.l.f could have named they shadows individually, other then that it is 100% worth the money. This palette is only 10 bucks! That is $1 an eye shadow and these are amazing eye shadows.

Too Faced could have a black in it. Every great palette has a black I think. It is more expesive then the e.l.f, if it was not a gift I would have not bought it. Do not get me wrong I love the brand, it is probably my favorite high end brand and  I own plenty from them. You only really need one amazing matte palette.

In the end I would recommend e.l.f first. You get good eye shadows, lots of colors and sleek packaging for 10 dollars.

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