My name is Jess

Okay well actually my name is Jessica. But I go by Jess 99% of the time. Here is a little bit of background info for ya. I am 19, I go to a community college 3 hours away from home, and as of now I study Early Child Hood Education. This is my third major, starting with human services and mass media. Human Services was useless to me. Mass media could have worked if the profession I wanted was not so hard to get. And there is no way I am going to be stuck being a news caster for the rest of my life. I am addicted to watching FRIENDS, drinking coffee and dogs.

I currently work at Maurice’s in my local mall as a part time sales associate. It is the best job a 19 year old girl for ask for. I work around cute clothes all day, and the people I work with are the shit. I have them to thank for the style I have today. I have an apartment with a roommate,who is currently my best friend in this little town. It does get hard living away from my friends and family, but I do enjoy it.

My real passion in life is makeup. Anything and everything makeup. It is what I eat,sleep, and breathe. I get the question a lot, if it is your passion why are you not perusing it? I wish I could answer that, the money isn’t there and I am just into makeup. Not really to much other beauty related topics like hair and nails. I do love clothes, but not enough to do it for the rest of my life.

This is what I want this blog to be about. My makeup, I will share looks and products and just everything makeup, and maybe some beauty if it ties in. I need something else in my life that gives all this makeup I own a purpose. Well a double purpose because it makes me happy every morning. I do not know how many people are going to read this blog, or even see it, but this is what is going to make me happy. This blog is going to give me something to do besides stress about school.

So long for now


Selfie 1

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