2015 Makeup Favorites Part 1

I debated on doing this, and that is why it up a little late. I feel like if no one knows you yet who cares what you used all last year. A new year means a new beginning, but I figured why not.

Part 1 is going to be eyes and lips. I will post part 2 tomorrow with my face products.

My favorite eye primer was the Lorac eye primer. I got samples when I bought my Pro Pallets and used them both up. So I went and bought the full size. I don’t know what is is but with out a primer my eye shadow creases like crazy, even though I have dry lids. But this covers up my veins and keeps my eye shadow on all day and night. I have even fallen asleep in my make up(DO NOT DO THIS LOL) and even in the morning my eye shadow still looks pretty good.IMG_3569

Next I have two eye shadow pallets, I have never had good look with single eye shadows so I only have pallets. I mentioned this E.L.F one in my last post but I really do love it. It’s super pigmented and is an amazing every day pallets, and it has any matte shade you need.

Another pallete I LOVED was my Lorac Pro Pallete. I didn’t know if I wanted to post one or two or both. But I did love the first one a little more. They are buttery and beautiful and have crazy pigmentation. If I didn’t know what to do for the day I used this.  Swatches are the top 3.

I have two mascaras that I fell in love with. I always used them together so I thought I would share them together. The Cover Girl Lash Blast Length and Benefit They’re Real. Both in black of course. The cover girl gave me the length my baby lashes need and the Benefit one just made them look so perfect. IMG_3577

Brow time. I had two products for my brows that I still use. NYX Eyebrow Pencil in dark brown. I would use this to fill in my brows and give them a little more shape because they are pretty straight. And the set and fill anything else in I would use the Loreal Brow Stylist Plumper in medium to dark. If I was having a lazy day with makeup I would just use the plumper by itself and it would still look full brows.IMG_3578 For lips I have two different lip products. My first one is the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks. The two shades I  have are melted nude and melted sugar. I have had my eye on the new line by them I think called Melted Chocolate Lipsticks and I want them all. They are just pigmented and have a great finish and are super comfortable on the lips. I didn’t get into the matte lip trend this year so these are great if you don’t like liquid lipsticks that are matte.

The next one is the NYX  butter gloss in Madeleine. I love me a nude lip but if it ever was to nude or to pail I would put this on top and it was perfect. They have a good color selection and I have a few others but this one was my go to. I would even wear it by itself if I didn’t want a super pigmented lip.

Stay tuned for my favorite face products of 2015!

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