Loreal Cushion Foundation Review

So I bought the loreal cushion foundation a few weeks back. I was gonna do a first impression and it kind of passed through my mind so I decided to use it a few times and tell you what I think.

It is part of their luminous line and I love the orginal loreal lumi foundation. I have it in W2 the warm shade. I bough It the cushion one in the natural line and it was still a little warm so I’m glad I did. The shade I bought was N2 and it matched well. 

I applied it multiple times with a brush and multiple times with a wet sponge. I prefer applying with a sponge then a brush. I tried applying it once with the sponge that came with it and all it did was soak up the product.

It is light to medium coverage. It goes on very light you can build it up to medium. I’m not a fan of the coverage because my acne scars are very dark and it doesn’t do anything for me. I can use some conclear with it and be good though. 

It lasted through out the day. I don’t get oily so I don’t know how that would work if you had oily skin. With my dry skin it worked.  Also other product applied well on top of it but it is pretty tacky so you need to set it if you’re gonna apply bronzer or blush. 

I feel because how it is in a cushion I am already running out of product. I went to go use it and it seemed after a few uses in one section of the cushion the product was gone. So that I didn’t like it. 

How I feel overall it’s an okay foundation. Will I buy it again no probably not. Do I recommend it I don’t know I am not a huge fan of it I just don’t think it’s worth it. For drugstore I think it’s 15 dollars and just not my favorite. 

Here’s some pictures of me wearing it.   

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