February favorites

Can you believe it’s the end of February?! But happy leap day! Time is flying by so fast. I don’t have any new items these have been in my collection for a while but this is what I reached most for this month!

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar pallete is one of my all time favorites. I don’t know why this month I’ve grabbed it a lot but every color in this pallete is amazing how could you not. I searched 3 of my favorites. I have the old packaging and I lost my name slip so I couldn’t tell you the names but please pick it up if you haven’t. You won’t regret it    

Beccas highlight in moonstone I love. I talked about champagne pop in my yearly favorites. With school I like to wear simple make up and this just gives you the perfect everyday glow that if your pale you will love! It’s not to much but it’s like bam! Try it for yourself and you’ll see what I’m taking about.   

Another highlight I’ve liked is the Balms Mary Lou manizer. It’s instence but it matches every look you can do.


So I have been using foundation a little darker then my skin tone. And when I’m not tan I use this bronzer to bronze up my neck and chest. It has shimmer so you look nice and glowing and it’s nothing to crazy dark! I think the color is in summertime?   

I’ve been using this conclear for some time now. And it has taken me a while to get use to. But this conclear with a sponge is AMAZING. I do have to set it because it will crease. But for under the eyes it’s great. I use fair neutral.  
Next I have two primers. Again I’ve been I using them both but I now call them a favorite. Here I have the makeup forever step one in smoothing. My pores aren’t to bad but this smoothes them and the fine lines and keep my makeup looking good for a while.  
And last is the Magic lumi primer by loreal. This I have used so much because I’m so into having glowing skin. If you like a good glow from within check this out at the drugstore! It doesn’t make my makeup last longer but it does look beautiful.  
That’s what I have for this month! If anyone has anything they want to share let me know and maybe I’ll try it out. Thanks to anyone who is reading this ❤️


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