Would I buy it again?

Some I gonna start this where when I use up a product I’m gonna talk about if I would buy it again. I’m working on a clever name for it so if you have cute ideas let me know 🙂 this is pretty much just empties! This post is all about the face and hair 

The glam glow flashmud mask. This is a sample but I wanna say I got about 4-5 uses out of it. If this product wasn’t 70 something dollars I would get it! I loved what it did to my face. I wish it came in a little size like the other masks they have do. 

Would I buy it again-Yes, if it wasn’t for the price 

Next I have their hydration mask. I did like this guy. I don’t sleep in it like most people but I do leave it on for about an hour. It plumps my dry skin and leaves it nice and hydrated.

Would I buy it again-Yep! Planning on it.  
First aid beauty hydrating mist. I love this stuff. After a few hours I feel my skin getting dry and sucking up my foundation. I spray this on my face and it goes back to looking hydrated.

Would I buy it again? Already have!  
Neutrogena gel cream for extra dry skin. This is my favorite moisturizer for my skin. I use it day and night. I would love to here if you guys have any recommendations for a night cream for dry skin. I feel like this is more for day time. 

Would I buy it again- Obviously 
 I don’t remember why but I have all the elf face cream line. Since I had it I thought I would try to use this up. I used this on up and it was okay. Nothing special. I think it is only like 10 dollars but its nothing to amazing.

Would I buy it again- No probably not  
So I’ve been trying out the ogx line of shampoos and conditioners. I got this one and finished the shampoo. It was good! I liked it

Would I buy it again- Maybe, I constantly like to try new hair shampoos   

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