Spring time must haves 

Happy spring! 🌻It is officially spring. Maybe not in Wyoming but somewhere it must be. It’s been snowing here for like the past week but I’m pretending it’s warm 🙂

For me spring and summer is all about warmth and glow. I’m the girl who highlights all year long but now I can imbrace it! Here’s a list of some of the things I’ll be using a lot this spring! I don’t have any eye products but I am planning on two spring looks so far so stay tuned 😊

If you can deal with dewy foundations here are a few of my favorites. I have dry skin so I use these all year long but during the spring and summer when my skin can actually look dewy and not a dry mess I always reach for one 

 I’m a big fake tanner! Sun just doesn’t like me so I fake tan a lot close to summer months. I just did my first one this year and I got a lot of compliments:) I don’t self tan my face, because I have sensitive skin so I either get dark foundations or add this to it! 

 They do have a darker one as well if you get super dark. I don’t, but if you mix this in any foundation it darkens it with a warm bronze color and gives a little extra dew!

Also adding a luminous primer will give you the glow from within. I don’t mix it in to my fondation, you always can I just never liked it.  

 Other items you can prime you face with, mix in with foundation or where under or over foundation are liquid illuminators. I love these for under my foundation on the high points of my face. Here a few I love, there are so many on the market 

 For powder highlights I’m just sharing a few of my favorites. There are so many different kinds and colors, find one that works for you and work that glow! 

That glow, glow kit is going to be your perfect summer/ spring highlight pallete

Beccas champagne pop and opal are amazing to!

Next I have two of my favorite bronzers. They are gonna be like highlighters once you find one to work for you then your golden 😉 I mentioned the pixie bronzed in my February favorites and hoola in my yearly favorites so check them out!

Plus a big thanks to benifit for sending me this adorable hoola with my name on it!!

  Lastly I have a few blushes I love. Both pretty warm and perfect for spring! 


I bought the elf blush pallate in light and gave it away but kept the warm peachy color and it is amazing  

What are your favorites for spring?! Let me know but linking your posts or just tell me in the comments I’m always on the hunt for new items!

Thanks for reading ❤️


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