Sephora Haul

So I made an order from Sephora not to long ago and it’s here! I was pretty excited. I’ve been having some skin issues so I thought I would try some new products. And of course I ordered some more stuff because who wouldn’t?!

I’m gonna start off with the boring stuff first. I needed a new pore cleanser. I have acne prone skin and I just need to get into the pores. This Sephora precesion pore cleansing pad is great. Mine was gross and I needed a new one!

It’s spring a duh I love self tanning. I needed some new mitts because I don’t have any so I ordered two from St Tropez

My skin has been soooo dry and flaky lately. It’s just not cute. I wanted some face masks and I saw this set from Peter Thomasroth. I have never heard of this brand so I’m hoping it’s good. It had good reviews and three different face masks in there

 I’ve been wanting to try a new moisturizer just because I have used the same one for so long now. I use it as a night and day and it’s the one from Nuetrogena for extra dry skin. Check out my would I buy it again to see more on it. I know Origins is well known. I never tried anything so I got this little set to see how they are

 Now for the fun stuff, makeup! I needed a new concealer from Urban Decay. I ran out of mine so I re ordered the Naked Skin Con clear in Fair Neutral for under my eyes. I also talked about this in a favorites I love it so much!

Next product is also from Urban Decay Naked.  I was in the sale part of the site and it was only 15 dollars! Like yep I need it. It’s the Naked Flush in Native. Really check out this highlight! If you can get it you should!

  Last in the Tarte Rain forest of the Sea Foundation. I’ve never heard of this but I wanted a new foundation that’s full coverage and for dry skin and when I searched this came up. I’m excited to try it! I got it in light neutral

Stay tuned because in about 2 weeks ill let you guys know what I thought about the makeup and skincare products and if I liked them!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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