Empties! Makeup

I figured this is just a simple title everyone understands 😊 I have been going through so much lately! I’m only showing certain amounts of products so you guys don’t get bored. I know all about blogs or articles getting to long and you’re just like okayyyy get on with it! So here are some more products I have used up 🙂 by the way they are all makeup products this time!

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I used up 3 different primers. The smashbox and too faced one are both silicone primers that have the same affect. I wouldn’t buy either again just because I feel like those kind of primers just don’t do it for me. BUT the makeup forever primer. Oh my gosh I love for pores. It eliminates them complete. I have already bought another one.

Both of these are brow products. I loved the touch in sol one a lot but I like the Nyx one as well and I already re bought the Nyx one because it’s my favorite(blog post)  and when I run out I do want to try new brow products! What are your recommendations?

This was my go to foundation but I don’t know what happened. I did buy it again and it looks kind of bad on my skin. Maybe they changed the formula. So I probably won’t buy it anymore.

If you have read any of my post you know I love love love this conclear! I did buy a new one recently it’s so amazing!

It’s a staple. Everyone loves they’re real! And I definitely  do to! But I think I like the roller lash more so for now I’ll stick to that. But I bet in the future I’ll get it again.

I use this stuff like water. It’s my life. I forgot to stock up on the VIB sale. But I have a new one already and I will continue to buy this product all the time!


Thanks for reading! 🙂

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