MannyMua and Makeup Geek Colab!

So if you follow MannyMua on social media you know he created an eyeshadow pallat with Makeup Geek. I was so excited to get my hands on it! I love him so much and I never tried Makeup Geek shadows and I heard they were great so I know this was the perfect time.

I did have to pre order because it was that popular! I finally got it and I am so amazed and happy with it! The colors are so pigmented and buttery and you can create any look with it. It’s about 45 dollars and it is worth every penny 


 The look I created with it today is a nice simple spring look I feel. I have beaches and cream my transition, frappe and sora in the crease, cosmopolitan on the lid and Insomnia the outer v. And for a pop artemis on the brow bone and in the inner corner 

Thanks for reading! 

Jess ❤️

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