Tangerine Eyes MOTD

So excuse my low quality pictures on this one. It’s snowing outside so I have no selfie lighting lol. But this is another spring look 😉 I’ve done this a couple times. It’s a fun pop of color without being something like bright blue! I’m really just focusing on the eyes in this look. 

So on the eyes I have the Lorac Mega Pro Pallete.

  1. Transition-Melon
  2. In the crease-Tawny mixed with Burlap
  3. Outer corner and crease-Tangereine 
  4. Middle of the lid-Peony
  5. Lower lash-Tawny and tangerine 

In no way do you need all the colors in your crease. If you just wanted melon and go straight to tangerine you could! And in the center of the lid I added peony just for a bright open eye

On my face

These products keep the warmth and the spring time feel. It’s a very simple fun look!

  1. Bronzer-Holla
  2. Blush- Master highlight in coral
  3. Shimmering skin perfector- Champange pop 

Thanks for reading! ❤️

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