Benefit Cheekathon

So real quick I’m gonna update you on why I haven’t posted in about 2 weeks. I had college finals and I was looking for a place to live. I did find an apartment and I’m about 80% moved in. So this summer I am gonna try to have two post a week! So thanks for staying with me 🙂

So let’s start what this post is about. During the Sephora VIB I ordered the Cheekathon pallete by benefit. I’ve been playing around with it for a while and I wanted to share my thoughts. 

I love love love this pallete. It’s a great deal! It’s 58 dollars on the Sephora website. And it’s limited addition so if you can pick it up! One of their box powders are 29 dollars so how great is this deal.

This pallete has 4 of their blushes and hoola bronzer. It also comes with a little brush. The bronzer is one of my favorites and do already own the Dallas blush and it’s my go to blush. It is a perfect travel pallete. 

The only thing I noticed is that the powders aren’t as great if they come in the box. But they are really good! The only blush I don’t like is rockateur it’s just to glittery. 

Here’s the blush kit and the swatches of it.

Coralista isn’t showing up well but it’s my favorite out of all of them.

Here are the comparsions of the blush kit and the actuall box powders 

Hoola- blush kit on left boxed on right 

Dallas- kit on right box on left 

The box powders are just a lot smoother but you can’t beat a 58 dollar deal! 

Thanks for reading ❤️

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