Ulta Hall\ First Imperssion

So I had the day off and I’ve been needing to head over to ulta. It’s an hour drive from me so it’s not easy but I made the time today. I picked up a few things I’ve been needing and just some fun stuff. 

This is my favorite setting spray and I’ve been out for a while. I love this stuff sooo much and recommend it to anyone with dry skin.

I picked up the Anastasia brow definer in the shade chocolate. I’m hopping this shade works for me. This is all the rave right now and I needed a new brow pencil so I hope it works!

Primer samples are my favorite. So I picked up this bad boy. I love the 24 photo finish primer and I wanted to give the primer water another go. I tried it a while ago and thought it was just fancy water so I want to try it again.

I got this because I noticed the makeup forever primer has been drying out my skin. I need a pore primer that doesn’t do that so I got the mini version of this one to give it a try. It doesn’t feel as drying on the back of my hand either.

I’m not a huge liquid lipstick fan, but I love Nyx so I got the shade baby doll. They were out of the one I wanted but I want to do a review on them so I got this one. So far it reminds me of their soft matte lip creams so I’m not to impressed. Super pretty color though 

I’m on the hunt for an amazing loose powder. If you have any recommendations let me know! I got this one because it’s drugstore and that’s always a good place to start. It feels nice but on my hand it’s really white after I blend it in and I don’t want that on my face.

Maybeline was by one get one 50% off. So I used to use this as well but I don’t remember much about it but I wanna give it a try. It’s a lot thicker then I remember but I’ll give it a shot

I’ve heard so many good things about revolution and they were also buy one get one 50% off so one was only 3 dollars! I picked up golden lights and radiant lights. Golden lights looks intense! I wanna do a full review on these as well. 

Thanks for reading! What products should I buy next? Have you used any of these? What are your thoughts?

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