Dream Lumi Touch

Recently in my ulta haul I bought the Dream lumi touch conclear and highlighter by Maybelline. I said that I owned it before but I think it may have been a different one.

Here are my thoughts. It’s an alright pen. It highlights a little bit, nothing to glowy. It has light coverage. I don’t have bad dark circles but if you do it would not cover them. It has the peachy shade though it will help a little bit. And I felt as if it was a little drying under my eyes. 

I wish they had a lighter shade, because if your pale like me or even paler it doesn’t give that much of a highlight under the eyes. I do like it, but would I buy it again? Probably not no. Once I use it up I might try a different highlighting pen.

If anyone knows of one that works with light skin definitely let me know!  

Thanks for reading!

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