Sephora Play

It’s here! I got off the waiting list for Sephora play box and I just got mine today. This is 10 dollar a month subscription service from Sephora. Everything you get is available at Sephora. I’m so excited for this!

I think everyone gets the same thing so I don’t know if I will post this every month. But if you wanted to know what this bag/box is like before you get check out my post 🙂 

First thing I grabbed is a perfume sample from Cologne absolue and a cute little like postcard to go with it

It smells like straight oranges so I like it. Maybe a little musk behind it. In the card they give with the the box it says sweet blood orange and bitter orange peel paired with geranium. 

Also the is an origins maskimizer primer. You spray it on your face and then apply your masks. You also get to masks that look pretty great. 

A bite beauty lipstick is in the bag. These lipsticks are so nice I’ve heard. You can “bite” into them and eat them. Not that you should but you totally can. The color is kimchi and really bright pink. 

A brightening sleeping facial by Kores. It looks like a night time moisturizer more then a facial. But I love stuff like this because my skin is as dry as a desert 

There is also a hair mask. Briogeo don’t despair repair mask. It’s a nice sample but with all my hair I think it’s a one time use. I may pass it along to someone 

Last is a lipliner from tart. I love tart so I’m pretty excited about this. It’s perfect for your purse or travel. It’s in the color latergram. It just doesn’t twist back down is the only problem 

So this is my Sephora Play Box! So far it’s great. I wanna see what happens the next few months. 

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