Primer V Primer

So my all time favorite pore primer is the one by makeup forever. If you know me at all or read a few of my post you already know that. It is so amazing at making my pores disappear. 

But I’ve noticed it’s a little dry when I go to apply some of my foundations. So I thought I would pick up a new one and test it out. 

I recently got the Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimazing Primer. And I wanted to compare the two. 

Makeup forever and then smashbox

I did a half face test I put on one side and one on the other. This I noticed the smashbox one goes a long way. It’s a lot creamier. The makeup forever one works better on pores. Both kept my makeup on all day.

Then I used the smashbox one for a few days just to see what I thought. It would clump up if I had dry skin patches and attach to them. I thought that was weird because it was pretty smooth. It did diminish my pores and that’s what it’s suppose to do. 

If I had to recommend one it would be the make up forever one over all. Also I would recommend this one of oily skin and the smashbox one for dryer skin. But if your problem is just pores makeup forever. 

I want to do this with the benifit pore primer as well. 

What are some good pore reducing primers?

Thanks for reading!

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