NYX Lingerie Lip

A few weeks ago I bought one of he Nyx lingerie liquid lip sticks. I wanted to give it a review. Keep in mind I’m not so he biggest liquid lipstick fan. 

The color is beautiful! I got the shade baby doll. I love love love the color. The formula is alright. It doesn’t last super long on me. 3 hours maybe and it comes off if  eat or drink. It’s a little tacky but nothing I can’t stand.

It does dry down matte. So if you like that I bet you would like this. For the price I think if you like liquid lipsticks you would love it. 

I like it better then the soft matte lip creams. This last longer and is easier to apply. I have a swatch of what they look side by side 

Lingerie, lip cream 

I think if you like matte lips pick this up! 

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