Becca and Jaclyn Hill Eye Pallete

So if you follow Jaclyn Hill you know her champagne pop family recently expanded. I picked up the champagne pop eye pallete. As much as I wanted to try prosecco pop I have chapamge pop already and I knew I wouldn’t get use out of the blushes. So I got the eye pallete!Here’s a little review. It’s good quality. Nothing to amazing. It retails for 40 dollars us on Sephora. If this wasn’t part of the Jaclyn Hill Collection I would probably return it. For 40 dollars the pigmentation is great. The shimmery colors have to be built up and are more shimmer then pigment. The mattes are amazing though. 

Here’s the quick look I came up with this morning. I used all five shades. And of course I used champagne pop as my highlight 

I just want to let everyone know I did end up returning this. If you know what happened with this pallete and Jaclyn this pallete just didn’t work out. It has been taken off the shelf. I love Jaclyn hill so so much, but 40 dollars is a lot of money for me at the moment and these shadows just didn’t cut it

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