How I clean my brushes 

The next few post will be a little aerues where I talk all about my brushes 🙂 I’m gonna try to break it up because I know how things can get boring. Today I’m gonna share how I clean my brushes.

Spot Cleaning 

So I’m between deep cleans that I probably don’t do enough. Lazy girl problems. I spot clean my brushes. This is great if you’re traveling, using a lot of different colors or just are to lazy to clean them. Just keep in mind spot cleaning isn’t the real thing. Brushes hold a lot of bacteria and need to be cleaned regularly. 

I use the makeup forvever instant brush cleanser. I spray a cotton round once and then swirl my brush around. And then dry it on the paper towel.

BeforeI couldn’t find good lighting sorry 😦


Deep Clean 

I do this every few weeks. Currently I use the beauty blender cleanser. I bought this in a set with a few beauty blenders awhile back. Dish dawn soap works the same. So don’t think you need some crazy blush cleaner. Also I bought this brush egg on Amazon for about 2 bucks. It makes it go by faster and also I think cleans a lot better then my hands. I just put some soap on my brush and swirl it on the egg for a few seconds then rinse.  



These are the brushes dry and clean. I set them on a towel to dry because I clean like 20 at once. 

What are some good cleaning tips and products you use? 

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4 thoughts on “How I clean my brushes 

  1. Asmi 💕 says:

    I use the mac brush cleanser as I love spot cleaning. I guess I’m just lazy 😋 But cleaning them is very important and thus posts like these are amazing 👍🏻💕


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