May Ipsy

I know it’s 8 days into June and I’m just posting this. But in the move somehow I never got my May Ipsy. I don’t know if it was the adress change or what happened but I emailed Ipsy and they sent me a “replacement bag”. So neverless here is last month Ipsy bag!

Pacifica natrual mineral coconut eye shadow trio

We get this brand a lot in Ipsy well at least I do. Pigmentation looks alright. It doesn’t smell like coconuts. Not that it’s suppose to but I was hoping! I’ll probably pass this along.

Eau thermale cleanace gel

To be honest I have no clue what this is. If someone could help me out that would be great:) it’s all in French I think. It looks like a face wash maybe?

Smashbox X-Rated Mascara

This mascara looks super promising! I like smashbox a lot. Never been a fan of there mascaras but I’m excited to try this one 

Glamour dolls glass snob in Twirl

Never heard of this brand. It has a weird smell to it but I don’t hate it. It’s really pretty pink. When it comes out it looks crazy pigmented but it blends out into a nice shiny gloss. I will probably pass this along as well

Vera Mona Brush

There is no name on this brush. I wish Ipsy gave you something to tell you what products you’re getting are. It looks like a small packer brush. I wanna try it with colourpop shadows or conclear maybe. 

This bag is okay. I’m exited for the brush and the mascara looks promising. Other then that I’m not to happy with this month. It took way to long and the products aren’t wow! I like the bad a lot though 

Any way thanks for reading! 

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