Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighters

So I got these a good while ago in my ulta haul. I wanted to do a good review on them but for some reason I just kept putting this post off. But here it is!

I think there is at least 3 shades and I picked up Radiant Lights(Left) and Golden Lights(Right). 

I love golden lights! If you have pail skin I think you would love this. It just pops and looks good, it’s almost white so if you’re a ghost like me you should check it out!

I like radiant lights. Nothing to special. I might give this to my friend. I’ve been giving and selling a lot of makeup. It’s a pretty pinky highlighter 

I did mix them together and applied them! I love mixing highlighters. It’s hard to tell but it really was poping this day

Thanks for reading! Try on of these highlighter they’re like 7 dollars! 

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