Small Colourpop haul

So I’m back from my little trip and I checked my mail and my Colourpop order arrived. So I thought I would share what I got 🙂

So as part of the order they always send a cute little thank you card. This time I got a tips and tricks booklit for there products and an ultra satin lip tips and tricks pamphlet. This brand is just so cute and personal.

So let’s talk about the thing that made me go on the website. A long time ago Kathleenlights (from YouTube) colabed with colourpop. She made 1 quad and later on made a second. She’s made some lippies with them to. I have the first quad and he lippie stick and pencil in Lumiere. So I picked up the second quad just now and some of her new lips. I did get the whole quad it’s called where the night is.

I also got lippie stick and pencil in Aquarius.

And the last product I got was an ultra satin lip in echo park. I’m not a matte lip girl so I’ve been staying away from liquid lipsticks. But this is a satin lip and I really heard great things about these!

Keep an eye out for reviews and looks on all of these! I wanna do a few looks with all 8 of Kathleen’s shades. 

Thanks for reading ❤️

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