MOTD Lavender Eyes

I wasn’t even planning to do a MOTD today and this wasn’t the makeup I had in mind at all. But what ending up coming out I love so here you go! A very purple lavender eye with a very “glowy” cheek. 

this isnt capturing the lavender color on my lid

What I used 
Eyes: Lorac Mega 2

  • Transition/lower lash-Sorbet
  • Crease\ outer lower lash-Purple
  • Outer V- Carbernet
  • Lid-Lavender(the star of the show!)
  • Brow one-Chiffon
  • Inner Corner-Prosecco

For mascara I used the Benifit Roller Lash


Foundation and conclear 

I’m not gonna talk about the foundation much I’m gonna do a review with it here real soon. I mixed the Lumi glow in Ice in with the foundation. I also put it on top of the cheek bones

Contour and under eyes

Too Faced Cocoa Contour

I used light cocoa under the eyes. Dark all over to bronze and medium to contour 

I mixed these two blushes on my cheek to compliment all the cool tones 


Besides using the liquid lumi I used this on top and it was brighter then my future! 

Thanks for reading!

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