Summer must haves

Happy first day of summer! It’s actually one of the coldest days we’ve had in a while but I’m all fake tanned to I’m in shorts and celebrating summer like it deserves. I’m actually way more of a winter girl but I can deal lol. But let’s talk about some of my favorite products for summer!

A good primer

I have dry skin so keeping oils in tact is not a problem. But I sweat. And when I’m working a 9 hour day in 90 degree weather my makeup needs to look cute all day. This is my favorite primer to help my makeup last.

A dewy foundation

I need a dewy foundation all year round because of my dry skin. But during the summer my glow actually appears. This maybeline fit me is amazing and has spf 18 so it’s perfect for summer! I may have a found an even better drugstore one so keep a look out 😉

Darker foundation 

I’m a fake tanned and I imbrace it! But I don’t tan my face. If I don’t have my favorite foundation in a darker shade I mix this is with it and bam. I match! They do have a darker one as well


Again I need my face to match my neck and who doesn’t like to look tan during the summer? These are two of my favorite bronzers just to keep my skin warm and summer lookin!


These are two of my favorite. Opal by becca is also an amazing summer color. I love to apply highlight almost everywhere. And I get asked why. And it’s because I like to. I don’t care if you’re not suppose to. But a nice glow to the cheeks is a summer must for me!

Water proof mascara 

I actually don’t know if roller lash is water proof but I’ve never had a problem with it. Mega length by wet and wild does no budge! It’s like 3 dollars and amazing so if you’re headed to the beach and need some water proof mascara check these both out 🙂

Brow gel

There are a ton on the market this is my personal favorite. Through the sweat it hold on tight. And sometimes I just want a natrual brow and this does the trick.

What are you’re summer must haves?!

Thank for reading 🙂

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