Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

About 2 weeks ago I walked into Sephora and asked a girl working there to recommend me a foundation that is medium-full coverage and good for dry skin.

She showed me about 5 different ones and I only heard good things about the Born this way foundation so she matched me and I bought it.

I’ve been testing it out and here’s what I think!

It works good with my skin and has amazing coverage! Most foundations I have to do 2 layers and this one I don’t. Sometimes I do but I defienlty don’t need to. 

At the moment it’s good for my skin type. In the winter when my skin is dead and dry I feel like this won’t work as well. But we might see.

It last through out the day. I can go to work for 9 hours and come home and it’s looks good. It doesn’t look great and it will get cakey around the mouth but of the that always happens to me. I bight my lips and around them just gets really dry. 

Would I recommend this foundation? If you have normal to dry skin I think you will like it a lot! If you have a lot to cover like I do this stuff is amazing. I heard people with oily skin like it and hate it so that will be up to you!

Overall I really do like this foundation 🙂

Here’s a picture of it on my skin Thanks for reading!

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