Kathleenlights and Coloupop

So in my recent colourpop haul I got the newest Kathleen collaboration quad and one of her lippies. I already had Where The Light Is and Lumiear. So I got Where The Nights is and Aquarius lippie.

I’m pretty sure I need to get the matte shades from the first quad again because they are chunky and have almost 0 pigment. I think they dried out..


  • Where The Light Is

    As you see you can’t see the matte shades

  • Where The Night Is
  • Lumiere 
  • Aquarius

I love all of these! I’m upset that my mattes dried out and maybe in the future I’ll rebuy the two. Coloupop isn’t my favorite so I don’t know.

Where the Night Is though… These colors are amazing! I didn’t think I would like them but I loveeee them! I have three looks using everything here. Not all together

Eyes: weeinie, porter and midnight. Lips:Aquarius

Eyes: cornelious and telephathy. Lips:Aquarius

Eyes:Cornelious,Kathleenlights and Blaze. Lips:Lumiere

I’m so glad Kathleen came out with these collabs! They are great products and when I say I don’t like colourpop it’s because their formula is tricky for me to use and that’s the only issue. If you wanted to pick these up you should! Just make sure to keep you’re matte shades closed!

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