Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip

So a few weeks or so ago I made a colourpop purchase and in that purchase I got one of there ultra satin lips in Echo Park. And to celebrate them finally internationally shipping I thought I’d share a review!

This last on my lips for hours and look pretty good. I will get like that white crusty lines on the side of my mouth but it’s easily fixable. On me it last 4-5 hours with eating and drinking and about 6-8 if I’m not doing much with my mouth. For me that’s a super long time! They do transfer but you can’t tell on your lips just whatever you’re lips have been on. 

They dry down to a satin finish but have the formulation of a liquid lipstick. I have been wanting something like this forever because I’m not the biggest fan of matte lips on me. 

I’m thinking of picking up more of these now! They’re great. And if you live out of the U.S. You can finally get them to!!

Thanks for reading ❤️

What other Coloupop items do you love?

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