My current favorite eye brushes 

So as of right now these are my favorite eye brushes. Stuff changes and I know that Morphe came out with a bunch of new brushes I want to try! But if you’re looking for some good eye brushes here are the ones I recommend and how I use them.

Elf Contour Brush

I use this brush mostly to highlight my brow one and inner corner. It’s just so small and gets right in there. Or if I want a really a strong outer V I will use this as well. You can get this at the elf website or I’ve seen them at Target and Walmart

Morphe E27

This is the best brush I have found to blend and apply your transition shade. Or just to buff out color. I use to have a sigma one, I don’t know what actually happened to it but this one is so much better and cheaper. You can get it at

Sigma E32 Exact Blend

This is my favorite lid packing brush. It’s small enough for whatever I part of the lid I want to do and it blends it out so well. Available at

Royal and Langnickle Brush

I don’t know the name it completely rubbed off. I got this from an Ipsy bag. It’s the perfect travel brush but I mostly use it for the pencil side to apply shadow right onto the lash line

Morphe E13

This is great for packing color into the crease. I use this for more exact crease colors that I don’t want buffed out everywhere. Availed at morphebrushes

Morphe E22

Again another crease brush. This is more for buffing and blending. It makes everything so seamless.

Sigma E29 Buff and Blend

I use this for the outer V and the pack color on the outer half of my kid and crease. It’s just dense but blends easily

Morphe E18

I use this for my lower lash line when I want more of a smoky lash line or just a really blended out lash line

If you wanted to get brushes from anywhere I would recommend Morphe. Great price point and amazing brushes.

If you have some good eyebrushes let me know what they are!

Thanks for reading

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