Review of the Lorac Pro 3

Here’s my review of the Lorac pro 3! If you read of any of my post you know Lorac shadows are my favorites so I had to get this palette! This is just a review. I’m going to start these post where I take a shadow palette and do a few looks with it. I have so many eye shadow pallets and I want people to see how I use them 🙂

But here’s my Lorac 3 palette review.


Top Row All Mattes

Bottom Row:All Shimmer

So here’s what I think. I really love this pallete. Because these shades are so pigmented they do have fall out. I can look past that but if you don’t like fall out you wouldn’t like Lorac shadows.

My favorite shades are Terracotta. It’s just a burnt orange and is so pretty in the crease and can warm up any look. Also Amethyst so beautiful and just pops in the palett.

One shadow I actually hate in this pallet is Medallion. It’s just chunky glitter with very like color. I probably will never use this shade again unless I just need brown gold glitter.

Everything else is amazing. I think this is my favorite of the pro pallet’s and I would recommend this one over any other. Stay tuned for looks from it!

Thanks for reading!

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