Roller Lash V. They’re Real

So everyone has a favorite mascara. And mine always use to be They’re Real by Benefit. Then I tried Roller Lash also by Benefit and feel in love. Lately I’ve loved Roller Lash but I got a sample of They’re Real in my Sephora Play and feel back in love. So I decided to test them both out and figure out what one I love more because they’re a little pricey. And also if you wanted to try these and not sure what one to get this might help!

Roller lash has a much thinner brush with smaller bristles. They’re Real has bigger bristles and a wider brush.

This eye has roller lash on it the lashes are longer and more spread apart

They’re Real is a little clumpier, still pretty long and very voluminous

Eye to eye you can’t see to much of a difference, except maybe They’re Real has more volume

Both of these mascaras are beautiful! If you’re wanting to spend money on a mascara buy one of these 2. But overall I think I like They’re Real more. It’s just always been my go to and I forgot how much I missed it.

They both last all day on my eyes without flaking. Both are pretty water proof and look beautiful but

They’re Real for the win!

Thanks for reading ❤️

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