My favorite face brushes

So on Sunday I washed all my makeup brushes. And it took me like an hour but now I have clean brushes! And I thought what a better time to show you my favorite face brushes. I really want to try a morphe foundation brush I haven’t yet. But they look so good! So if you have tried one let me know what one is your favorite please 🙂

Let’s get started!

I have two foundation brushes I really like. They aren’t a love but just a big like. So if you actually know any amazing foundation brushes let me know. I love using a damp sponge more, but this all about brushes

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki and ELF Ultimate Blending Brush

So these brushes are pretty different. Sigma is more dense and flat while the elf brush is more round. Both great for foundation

I don’t have a favorite powder brush I just use whatever’s handy at the time. I also don’t apply powder often

As for under eye setting powder I do use because I don’t know why but I crease so bad! So I always use a powder under my eyes

Elf Tapered Brush 

This is great for under the eye. Real Techniques has a good one which I own but if I had to pick one I would pick this one

Now I bronze and contour and I don’t have an favorite all over bronzing brush but I have two to contour with

Sigma Large Powder F30

I use this if I want a bronze and a contour. It isn’t to sharp and dense so you can do both with one brush

Elf Angled Blush Brush

I use this one when I want more of a defined sharp contour. Great for right under the cheek bone while the other Sigma brush just is great for all over

So if you ever saw my makeup collection you would know I have a stippling brush problem. I love stippling brushes and have way to many of them. I use them for everything! But I picked out two that I really love

Morphe B5 and Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Face Brush

Different shapes but I use them for the same thing. Applying blush, blending blush and bronzer mostly. Sometimes to apply powder. Elf has a good one to. But I burnt mine with a candle…. But if you need a good duo fiber grab one of these! Or maybe both 🙂

Morphe M501

I use this brush to highlight. I bought this one after Jaclyn Hill raved about it and she’s right. It’s great to highlight anywhere on the face and it just really packs it on. I think I’m gonna need a new one soon

Anyway these are my current favorite face brushes! Let me know if you have any favorites and let’s be real I’ll probably buy them 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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