Full Face Highlight Challenge 

So if you watch the beauty community on YouTube you probably saw this circling around about a month ago. Here’s the original videos link https://youtu.be/_UPXvLVn2M8

I thought about doing it for a while but kept pushing it off because of my highlighter collection and just for the sake of my skin. But today I’m like why not!  So here’s my full face using only highlight. And obviously how I used a product isn’t how it’s meant to be used. This was for fun

Face Routine

  • Primer-Loreal Magic Lumi
  • Foundation-Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone
  • Under eyes-Loreal True Match Lumi Ice Glaze
  • Setting Powder-Becca Pressed in Moonstone
  • Bronzer/contour-Golden Bronze from That Glow Kit from Anastsia
  • Blush-Radiant Lights by Makeup Revolution
  • Highlight-Becca Pressed in Pearl

It’s so weird having a highlight in the full face highlight. I’m surprised I could actually see it!


  • Crease-Golden Bronze from That Glow
  • Lid-Opal Pressed by Becca
  • Inner Lid-Golden Lights by Makeup Revolution
  • Lash Line-Dripping in Gold and Golden Bronze from Glow Kit

Not gonna lie. I liked my eye look. Maybe with some actual shadows and some matte colors this would be really pretty!


  • Champange Pop Pressed by Becca

If you don’t think your skin has any texture try this challenge and be amazed. It was fun to do! I obviously am not wearing it to work tonight but I had fun.

If you have any full face challenges that you did let me know because I want to see them!

Thanks for reading!

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