Tips for your first year of college 

You’re first month or two is going to be hard. And if you’re going to college away from home you’re gonna get home sick. The feeling does go away so don’t get discouraged 

You’re roommate doesn’t have to be your best friend. Sure, you guys need to be civil. But I swear you’re gonna meet a lot more people then just them.

Don’t be afraid to go to events. Go! Make friends, have fun. No one in college cares likes high school, it’s a good way to make friends and get out of your dorm and get away from sitting and studying all day.

But when it’s needed, study! Try your hardest not to push things off till the day of or the day before. You’re gonna get time so use it. And if you have a test, study it’s not like high school you need to know all the information.

If you’re living in a dorm, remember they’re small. Pack what you need and nothing else. You’re gonna be able to buy stuff if you really need it. So don’t bring that prom dress “because something may come up.” It won’t 

You’re probably going to drift apart from your high school friends. It’s okay. You’re gonna make new friends. 

If you’re having a problem talk about it! Most schools have councilors or call your mom or your best friends. I can’t count the nights I spent having anxiety attacks in my room by myself because I was scared to tell anyone. You’re not alone!

Try to eat healthy. The freshman 15 is real! I know the cafeteria isn’t going to have the best food. But instead of that pizza grab a salad. And skip the all you can eat ice cream. Also if you can, most colleges offer a gym. “For free.” Use it as often as you can.

Have fun, be free. But know your limits. You don’t need to go to every party and go out with every guy you meet. But don’t be afraid to say no, or yea! Don’t pass up everything but no is always an option. 

Save you’re money! Don’t go buying stuff you don’t need. And don’t call your mom every week because you’re broke. Why did you buy that pair of jeans when you have 15? Save, save, save!

Be yourself 🙂 you’re gonna meet so many people that someone will like you for you. Don’t fake anything to fit in. It’s college I promise it won’t last forever.

My freshman year was hard. No going into year 3 I’m pretty content! Don’t be afraid of college because it will be amazing. Have fun,be you and study hard! 

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