RCMA No-Color Powder Review

I have so many reviews coming but I’m going to start with this one!

If you watch Jaclyn Hill,Kathleenlights or probably a bunch of other beauty you tubers you may have heard of this powder.

Let’s just say anything Kathleen says to buy, I buy!

So what this powder is, it’s a translusent setting powder. One the bottle it says this: The perfect universal setting power for all skin types! No color powder contains absolutely no pigment, no perfume, no fillers that will never alter your foundation shade or natural skin tone. It will set your make up with a flawlwss finish that won’t cause flashback.

I agree with all these claims. A while ago I talked about the Maybelline translusent powder. It’s good, but it does cause my foundation to lighten and it a little more drying then this one. 

There are a lot of translusent powders out there, and I haven’t tried a lot because powders and my dry skin don’t get along.

But this one works amazing for my dry skin! You can’t even tell I’m wearing powder at all.

I use this powder to bake, and just set all over my face when needed.

You get 3 ounces of powder to! Like that is a lot and it’s ONLY 12 DOLLARS! Like that is an amazing price. You can get it on www.beautish.com 

I love this powder and highly recommend it 🙂

Thanks for reading ❣

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