Becca Champagne Split Review

So after ordering this, it being sent back and then me driving to the closet Sephora 45 minutes away and them not having it, I ordered it again and it got here! I picked up one of the Champange Splits!

I wanted to try prosecco pop so much! If you read my review on the eye shadow pallet Becca did with Jaclyn you would know I didn’t want to pay 50 dollars for the face pallet just to get prosecco pop. 

I didn’t know Becca and Jaclyn were coming out with these and when they did I was so excited! So I grabbed the shade Prosecco and Amaretto 

I’ve been testing this out for a while because I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Both of these are very beautiful shades!

But for me prosecco pop is a bust. On my pale skin it look way dark and a very weird gold color. So I tanned and tried it again. It looked a little better but still way too gold for my liking.

So I’m like let’s mix it! I mixed it with Pearl my all time favorite white highlighter and still no on my pale skin. I mixed it with Champange Pop and still didn’t like it.

The blush however is very pretty! They are just very pigmented so I use a light hand.

Would I recommend this product? If you are pale I would not get this shade. They have splits with Champagne Pop in them and I would recommend that. If you like a straight gold highlight you might want to check this out.

I give it a 3 out of 5. It’s great quiality just not my favorite shade.

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