Wet n Wild Brush Line

So about a week or two ago I went on this long man hunt for the Wet n Wild Boozie Brunch Highlight. I never found it.. If you know where to get it let me know!

But Walgreens was having a sale on the Wet n Wild brushes for 1.99 a piece. Originally they are 2.99 a piece. So I picked up 3 that I thought I would like.

So I have more then enough brushes, but I wasted 6 dollars on these and was like why not. I’ll get them for a review!

I used them for a week, and then spot cleaned them (so they are dirty sorry..) and now it’s review time!

So the names where on the packaging, which I threw away so we’re just winging it. 

Foundation Brush

This brush has no give to it. Very flimsy.. But it does blend in my foundation! I tried it with 3 different foundations and it worked with all of them. It did shed and leave streaks on my face. I don’t care about the streaks because I always go over with a damp sponge. If you are looking for a good starter foundation brush, or want to get this one to just have another I say do it! 2.99 for this is a steal!

Stipple Brush

Again this brush is very flimsy. But also very soft. It gets the job done. It blends my face products pretty well. I would buy this again and recommend it. Again it does shed so watch out for that

Packing Eyeshadow Brush

Now this is a stiff brush! This is my favorite of the 3! It packs on color beautifully. I used it on the lid, brow bone and inner corner. This is going to become a staple brush for me! 100% worth the money!

So I think this is a good brush line. I think there’s about 7 or 8 in all, I only bought 3. So if you’re new to makeup and need brushes, bargain hunting or just in the need for some new brushes I would check these out! They do shed but for 2.99 who really cares!

Thanks for reading ❣

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