Colourpop Lip Haul

So I never wear lip products. I don’t know why I just don’t. So I thought I’d buy some from colourpop and get started. I mean I have some lipsticks and stuff I just never find myself wearing them. But today is the day! 

But let’s see what I got! When I purchased these they had a special after each amount of money you spent you got a free lip product. I got 3 free products from them making every lip product about 4 dollars a piece! I aslo got a cute card. They always do this and almost like a user manual. And the box it came in is so beautiful! The inside any way. It’s going to be my display picture if you wanna check it out 🙂

So I got a little bit of everything in this order. 

Lippie Stixs

Pillow Talk (Matte)

Grunge (Matte)

Trust Me (Matte X)

Ultra Glossy Lips

Weho (Creme) i see this quickly becoming a favorite 

Fairy Floss (Sheer)

Finders Keepers (Creme)

Ultra Matte Lips 

Love Bug

Time Square 


Ultra Satin Lips 

Both of these are from the Kathleenlights colab 🙂

Point Zero


Im super excited to try all of these out! Stay tuned maybe they will be in favorites or looks coming up 

Thanks for reading ❣

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8 thoughts on “Colourpop Lip Haul

  1. FrugalMissKris says:

    I literally just did the same – I ordered two lippie stix, an ultra matte lip, an eye shadow pot, and a brow pencil. I swatched and tried everything yesterday, but it’ll be a few days before I get around to writing about it! I opted for Notion and Times Square for my free lippies. So excited to finally get my hands on this brand.

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