Product I didn’t like:Skyn Iceland 

I don’t remember if I got this in Ipsy. But I’ve been trying to use all the samples I’ve been getting.That or giving them to friends.

But I thought I’d save some money on skin care and use the face creams I’ve been sent. One of them was this product 

It’s called the Anitdote Cooling Daily Lotion Solution For Stressed Skin. So I’m not 100% sure what stressed skin is. But I don’t think I have it.

Yeah I’m really stressed but I don’t think it shows in my skin. I looked it up, it is availiable on Ulta for 45 dollars. That’s a lot of money. So why else didn’t I like this product? 

  1. It dried out my skin!

If you have ever read any of my blog post you probably know I have dry skin. I mention it quite a bit, because it’s something I hate dealing with. After using this I looked online and it is for oily skin, so that is my bad.

2. It made my skin flake. So it dried out my skin and I started getting all these flakes and dry skin to come off. I was like okay I need to exfoliate. I used a mask always use to exfoliate, and I still had these patches of skin everywhere!

3. It burned my eyes. I always apply moisturizer close to my eyes. So after it burning I read online that you’re not suppose to put it near you eyes. Again my bad, but I want to put this all over, I don’t want to worry about my eyes you know.

So the main reason I didn’t like it was it dried my skin more then moisturized it. It does have a nice cooling sensation though. One night it did give me like a weird sense of anxiety though.

I read it’s suppose to help with redness and the oils your skin make when it’s stressed. I have no oils to help with so I think it took what it could get. And my skin isn’t very red but it didn’t do anything about the redness there. So maybe I just don’t understand the concept of this.

It has great reviews on Ultas website. So maybe if you have oily skin you may love it. I didn’t. 

I always share about products I love or like. So I thought I’d share this for all my dry skin people!

Thanks for reading ❣

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