Ipsy Unboxing : September 

It looks like this months theme is Glamazon? Something about not being lazy and getting glammed up. Which I’m all for! I do love my lazy days though

The bag isn’t that great. It has a real strong smell of like plastic and paint. If it didn’t have dancers I would like it more because I love the color scheme 

Which Mud Mask

This actually is a nic size sample! It’s a mud mask you leave on for no more then 2 minutes. I’ve been testing out some othe mud masks for my blog so I’m exited for this one.

Sensitive BB Cream

This has spf 30 in it. It’s just a BB cream. I swatches, mainly because it exploded. But it seems pretty thick good corverage and a good shade for me.

IT Superhero Mascacra 

It’s suppose to have super volume,length and stretch. I love mascaras that have length in them so I’m excited for this

Be A Bombshell Nail Polish in Holy Fuchsia 

It’s really a dark fuchsia. It looks red because of the background. I love getting nail polish. And I’m probably going to use this in the next few days.

Avene Hydrance Serum

It’s a serum for dry, sensitive skin. Which is what I have! So I’m excited to try this

So I would give this month a 3.5 or 4 out a 5. I’m excited for the mask,nail polish and serum. The BB I’ll probably throw away to be honest. And the mascara looks super promising. 

So thanks for reading! ❣️

What did you get in your Ipsy?

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