Laura Geller:Gilded Honey

So back in the day this was a very popular highlight! And every time I went into ulta I swatched it. And one day I finally just got it. This retails for 26 dollars and they’re are I think 4 different colors.

So I wish I got a different color. I’m just so pail that some times this just doesn’t wanna show up to well. When I’m tan though this is beautiful.

The formula is super creamy. And it’s pretty pigmented. With me being so pale though I use this when I don’t want a bam! In your face highlight. And to be honest I haven’t been wearing highlight as much as I use to. 

But here’s the product and some swatches.

I would recommend going into ulta and swatching them all and finding a good shade for you. These are super pretty if you get the right shade.

Thanks for reading ❣️

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