September Favorites!

I’m back at it with the favorites! I did skip last month due to some stuff but this month I’m here to share with you what I loved through out the month of September.

I have two brush favorites this month.

Wet and wild eye shadow brush and ulta eyeshadow brush 

These are both great for packing color all over the lid. I use them both the high light my brow bone. And the wet and wild one is also great for the lower lash line. I have a whole post dedicated to the wet and wild brush line if you want to check it out 😊

RCMA No Color Powder 

This has its own blog post to, and it’s in my ride or die tag as well. So with that I won’t say to much but this is the best powder I have ever used!

Revolution Vivid Baked Highlight in Radiant Lights

I did a review on this and another shade I want to say a few month ago? And I said I didn’t like this one… well I was wrong. I haven’t been into super bam highlights lately. This is just the perfect highlight to glow from within. It just goes with any look and I fell in love with it this month.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Time Sqaure

I did a big Colourpop lip haul a few weeks ago. And this was one of them, but it’s been my go to. It is just the perfect darker nude, again it goes with any look I do and I just always reach for it

Maybelline Better Skin Concealer

My most recent blog post was reviewing this product so again I want to ham with details. But this has been the only conclear I’ve used almost all month. I love the formula and the coverage, and it’s 9 dollars!

Makeup Geek and MannyMau Eyeshadow Pallet

A while back this had its own blog post to. And I think I’ve done some looks with it. But I have been reaching for this all month long. And every time I wear it I always get compliments on my eye shadow! So if you can still get this I highly recommend it, and if you want I’ll do some more looks with it! I’m gonna swatch a few for you as well.

So those are all my favorites this month! Thanks for reading ❤️

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