Fall Nail Suggestions

I’m not super into buying nail polish. I like getting them in my monthly bags because I might buy 2 nail polishes a year.. I’m actually posting this with very ugly nails right now. 

But! Never the less I though I would post some fall nail suggestions from my nail polish collection. If you have any good ones, especially browns leave me a comment because I want to actually get into nail polish!

Sephora X: Evocative 

Sephora X is my favorite nail polish line ever. My nails chip in a day or two but with these they last about 3-5 days. This is a good summer/fall transition. I now it’s October but here in Wyoming I’m feeling the summer vibes still. Also if you don’t like super dark nails this is a good option 

Sephora X:Rocket Fuel 

The picture isn’t grabbing it but it’s a dark shimmery green. I love this for a shimmery nail polish and green is super in this fall!

OPI: Isão Paulo Over There

This is my FAVORITE fall nail color. My lighting is failing me today but it just a dark almost cool brown. I just love it. It’s what is left on my nails now and 😍😍

OPI:First Date at the Golden Gate

I really am not happy with my lighting.. this is a dark warm red orange. I haven’t used this, this fall yet but I plan on it. It’s just that burnt color everybody loves this time a year. Just more red 

Essie: Butler Please 

I think blues and browns are my favorite. This is a true colvalt blue. I know this is more summer for a lot of people but I love to rock it all year long. I’m not Essie’s biggest fan but they get the job done.

Essie:Fall in Line

The name has it there! Fall! It’s just a mossy green that is great for fall. No shimmer just a great green for fall.

Ulta: Aubergine Queen

It’s just a deep purple. Perfect for fall into winter. This is the only polish from this brand I have but I have to say I like it.

Be a Bombshell:Holy Fuchsia

Again with the lighting man. This is way darker in person. I got this from Ipsy, and OH My Gosh this lasted like 5-7 days without chipping. Like hello! It’s a dark fushia color as the name suggest, just not the picture. I’m not sure where you can buy these maybe their website or ulta. But if you can find a color you like in this brand I would really suggest picking it up. 

Those are all my nail polishes for now! I enjoyed this actually and will probably uplode more nail related post in the future!

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