October Ipsy

I got my October ipsy! I’m giving Ipsy till the end of this year and I may cancel it. I’m just not impressed and could use the 120 dollars a year you know. I’ll see!

The theme this month is black magic. And I actually think the bag is cute. Kind of child like but really adorable and October. You know Halloween 👻 

Indi Beauty Buttercream Lip Scrub

I don’t know if I was suppose to get 2. Or they forgot to add another product and gave me 2 of these by mistake. Did you get two of anything this month? I don’t use lip scrubs mainly because I’m lazy. But I’m excited to use these. I poked in one a little and they taste and smell amazing. But it’s hard to get out of the container. Do you get these wet? If you know about these let me know how to use them!

Makeup Forever HD Foundation 

The shade the gave me looks to dark. They gave me R230 and by the slip that came with it I would think I’m Y215. I’ll try it out though. It might work when my tan is fading. It’s suppose to be a natural looking foundation. This is a cool product for them to add though!

Ciate Fierce Flicks 

I don’t like this already. It ran when I swatched it and it’s not super black. It’s a felt tip, the tip reminds me of a fatter version of Kat Von D Trouper. Once it dries it might be okay but I don’t know. 

Beaute Basics Shadow in Satin Tahoe 

The color looks absolutely beautiful! The packaging not so much. It reminds me of a bad drugstore packaging. But I want to try this out! I’ll let you know on my Instagram how it looks when I do. Also if you use the code BBIPSY30 you get 30% off their website. I don’t know how much these cost but 30% off anything is great!  

Global Beauty Care Dead Sea Mask

I love getting masks! I’m excited because I love mud masks because I never feel like my face is clean enough. And this is a wash of Mask so hello perfect mask! 

I give this bag probably a 3.5 out of 5. I’m not excited for the eyeline and I got 2 of the same product. But other then that it looks promising! 

What did you get in your Ipsy?

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