October Sephora Play

Hi guys! Sorry there is two unboxings in a row. I know these aren’t the most exiting posts. I do have another but I got my Sephora Play last night and really wanted open it.

The theme this month is the Cool Cut or Cool Factor. So each product has a cool factor discription of why it’s awesome! On the slip it says” The Next Big Things” so items before they become big! Items Sephora loves and thinks they stand out.

This morning I’ve had about 5 ocular migraine happenings. Which is the worst I’ve had in a long time. If you guys have these I’m so sorry! (Or any migraine). I feel really sick so if this post is a little off that’s why. I hate using any electronics when I have migraines but I really wanted to get this up.

Look how cute the bag is this month!

Farmacy Skin Dew

This is already so exciting. I don’t think I’ve ever used this brand but my skin has been extra dry lately. You can use this as a setting spray, a mist during the day for a dewy glow which I love. The brand itself seems awesome and I’m so excited to try this. 

Estee Edit Flash Photo Gloss

It’s a clear lipgloss with a blue tint to make teeth look whiter in pictures. I think it’s a cool concept and I hope it works. I swatched it and it feel way sticky so I don’t know how I feel about that. I’ll definitely try it for pictures though. 

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Drivers Seat. 

I don’t know why but my pictures are taking blue? But I’ve heard amazing things about these liquid lipsticks! Casey Holmes always raves about them in her videos. The color isn’t my favorite but I’ll still try it out! 

Derek Lam 10 Crosby Silent St

This perfume is strong and went straight to my headache. It smells good though, very mature. On the card it says “pure and simple, this soft blend of white musks and subtle florals evokes a calm moment amongst the chaos of New York.” This actually reminds me of New York. I know that’s weird but I have family there and I go there a lot and it just reminds me of it. If I ever travel there again I think I’ll bring this perfume with me and the memory. Just like Kathleenlights! 

Drunk Elephant T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum Speaking of Kathleenlights! She raves about this brand, and I’ve always wanted to try it but “das expensive” see what I did there 😉 But I love skin care products in my bags! And with Sephora VIB sale coming up if this ends up working out I might have to get it! I’m so so excited for this 

Madam C.J. Walker Scent & Shine Coconut Oil 

I don’t know why but I got super happy when I saw it came with a dropper. It’s the little things I guess! This is a hair oil that you can use in wet or dry hair. It’s designed for curly hair, which I have but don’t keep very often. But I might try it this weekend because my curly hair is cooperating today. And this smells like cookies so I’m down with that. C.J Walker was the first self-made female millionaire in America. How amazing is that, I love to hear about emporing women.

I love Sephora play! I think the items they send are amazing and the really listen when you take the quiz. I always get awesome stuff for dry skin and curly hair and overall great makeup products! I give this bag 6 out 6. I’m exited to try every product! And I always suggest getting Sephora Play for $10 a month.

Thanks for reading!


Instagram– I update you on how I feel about these products later on here! 

Jess ❤️

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