Benefit Good Proof Brown Pencil

Benefits brow products are all the rage lately! So a little bit ago I decided to pick up the Goof Proof Brow Pencil. It’s the bigger out of the two they came out it.

It’s claims are it creates natrually full beautiful brows with a 12 hour water proof wear.

So here are my thoughts. When I first got it I hated it. Yeah I hated it, and I was super sad about it! My first try my brows looks way to dark and just super messy. I kept using it though.

The shape is different, it’s a tear drop. And honestly I don’t like that. 

After a few tries though I learned to like it. No way is it my favorite but it’s pretty good. It fills them in and if you like bold brows this is for you.

I’m going to instert some pictures of my brows using this product. 

Natural Brows: No Product

Brows filled in with Goof Proof

Final brows

No I do set it with a clear brow gel. But they do hold for a long time and do not smudge or anything. Which I really like! I use the color 5 and I would say it matches well.

Having the spolie on the end is nice. It defiantly brushes them and the product out for that perfect brow.

Like I said it isn’t my favorite but it’s good. I probably won’t buy it again, but if you want to try it I would. Get a taste for yourself because so many people love it!

It’s great for bold brows for sure!

Thanks for reading!



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