Tarte Shape Tape

So everyone and their mom is talking about this concealer! So I needed a new concealer so I went on to ulta and ordered this one! I got the shade fair neutral. And woah, this is fair!

I always considered myself pretty pail but this is very pail. So if you are really fair I would check this or their other fair one with pink undertones. I usually have to set my undereyes with a brightening powder because conclear is never light enough for me! But this I don’t need to do that.

It is very full coverage. As I said in my October Favorites I’ve been breaking out pretty bad. (It’s finally clearing up!) but this can cover everything on my face. 

The wand is huge! And since it is so full coverage and the wand is to big a little goes a long way. 

So all the rage on this conclear is true! If you can find a shade for you I would really recommend picking this up! Great coverage, a lot of product and good shades for the fair!

Have you tried this conclear? What did you think of it?

Thanks for reading ❣️



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