November Ipsy

I know unboxings aren’t the most exciting but I love sharing what I got! There will be 2 in a row again and I’m sorry :/ school is just killing me you know!

It’s suppose to snow today and I’m so excited because it will be the first snow fall this winter! I love the snow

The bag this month is probably my favorite bag in a while. This is defiantly coming with me over thanksgiving break

BH Cosmetics Foil Eyes To Go

I haven’t used BH in years. I gave it all away to a friend. These seem more like shimmery the foiled but they look like really pretty lid shades. But I’ll probably give it away

Too Faced Better Then Sex Masacra 

The fact that this is in Ipsy is awesome! I love this mascara just like everyone else. I may give it as a gift because I have so many mascaras but this is great!

Formula X Huntress

These are my favorite polishes ever! Ipsy is rocking it this month. It’s a really dark green with gold shimmer and I’m excited to use this when I get back home!

Hey Honey Good Morning Serum

This is my favorite skin care brand to get from Ipsy. It’s based out of Colorado, just like me 😉 and is really good quality. This is coming traveling with me as well!

Luxie 524T

Sorry my rug has makeup all over it. I don’t need another stippling brush but I’ll take it! Luxie is an awesome brand and this brush is so little and good to travel with. I’m excited!

This bag was awesome this month! Me not being picky id give it 5 out of 5! I’m just not excited for the eyeshadows. But I bet a lot of people would be. Ipsy picked up there game this month and I’m happy about it 😊

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