Urban Decay Naked Skin:Color Correct Fluid in Green

I feel as all I’ve been doing is apologizing for not blogging but here it comes again! I have finals next week and between work and studying and finalizing projects I have no time for anything else. But with that said break starts Wednesday so be prepared for blogs!

Today I’m going to talk about the Naked Skin Green Corrector. I love the Naked Skin Concealer and I thought I would try this green one.

Whenever my skin goes through it’s problem times I get red cheeks and forehead and big read acne pimples. Not little white head so I’ve been having a lot on my chin and lip area.

So I picked this up in my Sephora VIB Haul. So what do I think of this product?

I love it! When I remember it becomes part of my daily routine! Of course I don’t always need it but when I do it really covers up that redness. 

How I use it is after I apply primer I put this wherever I need it and blend it either with my sponge or brush. It makes me use less foundation and makes my skin look so much better!

If you’re not into full coverage foundations but have redness I really recommend this! But defiantly use it before other face products, not alone or over them. Because it does leave a green tint behind but after foundation and conclear you don’t even notice!

If you’re thinking of color correcting I would pick this bad boy up for redness of course! I don’t want to get the one for darkness because I have bad acne scaring and this green does help but their more purple then red.

Have you tried any color correcting items? Which ones do you love! 

Thanks for reading ❣️

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10 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Skin:Color Correct Fluid in Green

  1. lipstickbydes says:

    Really want to try this, I use peach colors to correct my darkness under my eyes. But I also have some red spots in my face. I’ll have to try it sometime. Nice post!

    Liked by 2 people

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