Outfits I’ve worn lately 

So I’m currently lying in bed because my room is the only room with heat in my apartment and it’s about -4 outside. (Yes that’s a negative 😭) 

But I thought how I haven’t done an outfit post in a while so I thought I’d share some that I’ve worn the past few weeks We started to get some spring stuff in and this is the first spring outfit I put together!

I really just love this scarf. I would never buy another scarf again if I could wear this one with everything 

I love doing my hair like this! If you have wavy hair then I would suggest trying this because I love it! And yes I bought this sweatshirt because it matched my tattoo 🙂This one is pretty basic. But I love this hat! And the combat boots!So this isn’t actually my outfit I just tried it on at work and really liked it! Pink pants are a little out of my comfort zone though.I love this one because how simple it is. It’s so feminine and perfect. I have a love hate relationship with this outfit. I wanted to wear a white tank top underneath but I couldn’t find one so I went with nude and it looked like I wasn’t wearing anything If you want to stay warm this is the outfit for you! I died in it but look how cute it is 😍My hats back! And that sweatshirt and yes I love chokers!This, this is my perfect fall outfit that I wore and I can’t get over it.Another pretty simple one. But I love it Becuase warm colors 🍂You can tell I love these jeans! And I would have never of thought to put green and yellow together but I like it!This isn’t really me all the layers I I got told this day I looked like a Pinterest board so I thought I’d share it All American 🇺🇸

This is cute and fun as well. Another choker some cute colors and bam!

Thanks for reading!

Check out my Instagram @jeslobello to see this outfits first! 

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