10 goals for 2017

1. Be happy. A lot of people don’t know this about me but I have depression and generalized anxiety. I want to be happier this year no matter what it takes. I want to feel like there’s a purpose 

2. Worry less. This goes along with the anxiety. I am always worried and excepting the worse. And even when the worse doesn’t happen I worry about something else. 

3. Save more money. I buy a lot of makeup and clothes. That I don’t need. I want to save more.

4. Finish my associates. I should have it in May if all goes as plan!

5. Spend more time on myself. I work, go to class and then worry about everyone else. I want more time to worry about me.

6. Be more social. Along with anxiety, I have social anxiety. I want to go out and meet more people! Make more friends.

7. Eat healthier. I know, everyone says this but I need to lay of the chicken nuggets and pizza.

8. Get more organized and less cluttered. I’ve already started this! I want  everything I own to have a place and a purpose.

9. Get more sleep. I sleep about 5-6 hours a night and it’s not good for me. 

10. Have a great year. Know that everything happens for a reason!

I wanted to do 17 goals for 2017. But I couldn’t think of anymore. Let me know what your goals are 🙂

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